Dear Future, poetry by Saanvi Patra at
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Dear Future

Dear Future

written by: Saanvi Patra


Dear future,
You may not have given us what we want
But taught us what to do and what shan’t.
You may not have acquainted us with flight,
But might’ve given us the potential to fight.

Sitting in the present,
And getting taunted by the past
Makes me ponder upon you.
You just sound so far away,
But we are just too doltish to realize you are every day.

Sometimes I conjecture
Are you bright,
Or just like the past with exiguous light.
Each day of past regrets and future fears,
To-morrow, not in the blues.

Just envisaging,
God willing not to give me bad luck.
Uphold me I don’t want to be a mere schmuck!

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