Your Future Spouse, poetry written by Aishwariya Laxmi at

Your Future Spouse

Your Future Spouse

written by: Aishwariya Laxmi



Have you ever wondered
Who your spouse would be
If you lived to be a hundred and three?
How many years into the future do you see?

What about peeking into a time
When your partner-in-crime
Smiles instead of whines
And is with you for all time

Why not conjure up a pal
A “modern” guy or gal
To keep you company
As you age not-so-gracefully!

So what if he’s made of tin
And has a computer for a brain
Haven’t you had enough
Of men who bring you pain

So let your old-age plan include
A spouse you need to reboot
Maybe you would be happier
And find a world of cheer.

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