Tanuki, a short story written by Stephanie Musarra at Spillwords.com



written by: Stephanie Musarra



“It’s a boy!” the nurse said, as she placed the baby in its mother’s arms.
Richard’s eyes filled with tears, as he grasped the tiny hand of his newborn son. The baby had a thin layer of wispy golden-brown hair and green eyes. “His nose looks just like Rosa’s”

Later that evening, Richard met his friends at the local bar to celebrate. “This is my son, Adam,” he said, as he passed the pictures around to his friends.
Clarence became very pale, and his hands began to tremble.
“Are you O.K., man?” Rick inquired.
“He’s probably just drunk,” Leroy said.
“I-I’ve got to confess something,” Clarence whispered to Rick. The two men found a quiet section of the bar to talk.
“I don’t think the baby is yours,” Clarence held his head down. “I’ve been fooling around with your wife. Look, I’m sorry. I’ve been so lonely. It never should have happened.”
“You’re my brother!” Rick shouted, “You betrayed me!” He dumped his mug of beer in Clarence’s face.
Rick grabbed his brother by the shirt, and before he could throw a punch, one of his friends hopped off the bar-stool to intervene.
“Break it up!” Steven demanded, holding the two men back.
“This isn’t over!” Rick shouted.

Rick insisted that his wife needed to get a DNA test done on the baby. She finally admitted to the affair. The test results proved that Clarence was the father.
Rick sobbed into his beer and began to chant. He slashed his forearm, and emptied the blood into the talisman his gypsy grandmother gave him. “Say goodbye, Clarence!”

A couple of nights later, a large, hairy man offered Clarence a beer.
“Sure, man, why not.”
The obese stranger sat down next to him. His clothes were grungy, and his beard was covered in mucus. The hairy man leaned over and whispered loudly in Clarence’s ear. “Do you know what?!”
“Tanuki!” the large hairy man shape-shifted into a gigantic dog and sat down on Clarence, crushing him with its enormous testicles.

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