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The Last Jazz Fan

written by: Kenneth Salzmann


The last Jazz fan slipped
from the world one night
like the amorphous
notes of a trumpet solo
at closing time. Some say
reedy melodies hovered
above him like nimbus clouds
at the exact moment rhythm
left the room. Explosive riffs
be-bopped across the sky
when the last jazz fan
returned to stardust,
and clarinets cooled
the darkness. Some say
it is the silent spaces between
that describe the song,
but some say the spaces
might expand until
they swallow the song
and silence is certain.

Kenneth Salzmann

Kenneth Salzmann

Kenneth Salzmann’s poems appear in numerous print and online journals and anthologies. His recent book, THE LAST JAZZ FAN AND OTHER POEMS, is available from Amazon. He lives in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains.
Kenneth Salzmann

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