Winter's Gone. Spring is Here. poetry by SmithaV at
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Winter’s Gone. Spring is Here.

Winter’s Gone. Spring is Here.

written by: SmithaV



Gratitude sweeps over me like
the morning breeze that blows
before the sun’s woken up and the sky
is still a cerulean blue, and the moon a powdery white.
A crisp, cool, woody scent tickles my nostrils
and gently dabs my heavy eyelids awake.
I step out for my morning walk,
the first in months.

The wind rushes to envelop me. It licks my ears and the tip of my nose
and follows me as I walk enthralled after weeks of
hibernation. I tread softly lest I should awaken
the still-sleeping blades of grass.
A cat saunters, a dog cocks up its ear as I walk past.
Then, disinterested, it lowers its head on its forelegs and shuts its eyes.
I breathe in gratitude. A splashing sound of water has me turning-
it’s the car cleaners with their overfull plastic buckets; there’s a lightness in their step.

A caw here, a tweet there; a cuckoo calls longingly,
the leaves stir; a halo spreads a soft glow across
the heavens and the earth. And I see life resuming
after an extended Winter. The sentinel in the park are showing
first signs – tender green bulbs adorn branches
in clusters like Diwali lights, and the once-bare branches
are clothed – some even bursting to the seams in shades of
yellow, white and red- an umbrella of petalled and feathery blooms.

Winter’s gone and Spring is here.

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