Alice and Sisters, poetry by Kati Fado at
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Alice and Sisters

Alice and Sisters

written by: Kati Fado


the moon as the blind blade was entering choking smoke. behind the fuzzy barn,
church or the vision of blackening construction – Alice was clapping her hands
full of butterflies, toys from the attic, and this hooting
behind her head belonged to the other time. to the slimy land hungry of phantoms
emerging from swamps. there we were waiting, tangled by weeping willow
and our braids were scratching the sky. someone arrived.

someone covered with coat of stars and with the last sigh saliva leaked
on the sleeve. the undercut wings were smoldering quietly. we gave back to ghosts
burned crops, havoc and fear. in broken windows next strike of bells,
the return of this man with bestial, oily face. these hands on the torn dresses – this singing
of swans – tarry, sinister. so, this is the way the skin is removed
of lambs. falling in stopped-frames. smoked too early.

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