A Poem Unfinished written by AngelFace44 at Spillwords.com

A Poem Unfinished

A Poem Unfinished

written by: AngelFace44



I started a poem a while back
about a change of state I was in.
Odd ways and strange thoughts.
“Something” just wasn’t quite right.
Darkness creeping slowly in,
shadows where once there was light.

To put into words I was trying
I just didn’t know how to begin.
Aside I put it to gather my thoughts.
Time passed and the poem forgot.

Across my mind it fluttered today
the poem I left unfinished.
The decision made to start anew
and release the words I have held.
But “something” was no longer there.
No way to grasp the feeling I felt.

Clarity now orders my thoughts
A different change is in process
No more are the long hours worked.
Over time I have made much progress.

I’ve learned to take time for me.
Expressing myself, I paint and I write.
So too love, has embraced my heart.
I am healed by the warmth of its light.

The shadows recede
For no hold can they keep
when happiness resides in my spirit.
For once I am glad
the words were not found.
That poem was not meant to be finished.

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