Freedom To Fly, a poem by Joy Moitra at
Juan Davila

Freedom To Fly

Freedom To Fly

written by: Joy Moitra



Freedom at last
From the shackles of power
Now’s the time
To think and desire
Now’s the time to fly!

Age’s not a bar
Shout loud and far
Before you fall
Give ‘em all
Fair and square

With ill-gotten gains
Gold tooth and silver manes
Do they ever think of the rest?
Bloated egos and shallow brains
Follow them and you’ll repent

Decay happens at the top
Amoral blokes on fancy chairs
Greedy minds and broken spines
They rule the herd
Pseudo-nerds; I opine

And then the fall
Into gutters long
Into the abyss!
What a shame, what a wrong!

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