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written by: Manny Rey



The chakras and meditations
Stem only from the inhalations and exhalations
That open doors to the Ahs and Oms
And lead to out of body worlds and almighty
The curtain slides open
I find it hard to locate this state of bliss
Monkey mind and worries flash in and out
Instead of clearing
I go to a state of fearing
I then start asking
When can I take a piss?
Olfactory distracted by the pungent patchouli
The only thing and top of mind I smell
Time to re-center and focus on the chakras
Colorful orbs up and down my spine from my head to my ass
Upstaged now by the two invisible daggers
Piercing my thighs from this pose
This painful lotus pose
Bare feet smell shooting up my nose
My breaths interrupted by the grumbling
Stomach juices disrupted by the green juices
Preempted by the shot of apple cider vinegar
Intended to cleanse my mind
My body reacting to the magic pH enhancing concoction
Keep breathing, you can do it
Focus on the solar plexus
That’s near your belly
Currently angry and rebelling
Moaning and groaning and summoning
The gullet to bring
Down a double meat cheeseburger
Crinkle fries and a Hefeweizen dousing
The chime sounds, I did it
My eyes part open with awareness
Of my place in the world
Understanding and knowing I will find Nirvana
Universal peace and love and that singular point
When I walk into the burger joint
Anticipating and waiting through inhales and exhales
Knowing and smelling the grease and the char
Is just the beginning of finding my soul
And the essence that brings joy to my world
As I bite the burger

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