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Trip to Redwood National Park

Trip to Redwood National Park

written by: Manjula Bhadraswamy


I’m dying to be with you. Now.
It’s a new year.
I know you’re in the same boat.

Ever since that fateful trip to Crescent City,
leaning against a redwood,
carefully guarded memories ‘ve tumbled down
like wood pieces in Jenga.

Last night I couldn’t sleep;
It’s all coming back.

How you gently held my hand,
when we walked together,
underneath a canopy of huge trees
and whispered our love should last
two thousand years,
just like those towering sequoias.
Why not forever? I’d asked;
then you kept kissing.

Here in my neighborhood, the fabricators
were busy until 11 pm-
metal welding, and forging,
completely drowning stillness of the night.
I wondered if you pull through a night
and think about me?
Darling, if no, please teach me.

Do you know they can reach a
height up to 375 feet- I’d widened
my eyes when the guide told
and wondered why nature
favored them redwoods.
They’ve even inherited
their earthy reddish-brown skin
from her.

How I wish, I could
be with you right now,
at this moment,
like those magnificent sequoias
along the coast,
with their strength and power,
and caress your hair.

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