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written by: Ayushman Jamwal



There is a dark space beyond my window,
Shards of light and twisted shapes of human chaos,
She stands in the middle as creatures wail in despair,
Staring at me, a scarred spectre at peace in the black,
All I can do is stare back.

Every night she appears, this unholy omen,
Making the air and inanimate restless,
The night is frozen, yet my skin burns,
She sniffs out my fear, drawing closer to me,
All I can do is stare back.

She floats with poise above me,
Her empty gaze piercing my heart,
I close my eyes seeking the shelter of conviction,
Yet they are only empty words, an elusive peace,
All I can do is stare back.

I thought faith and love are cherished armour,
Yet she heralds a crippling futility,
No heavenly light at the edge, only chains of solitude,
Fixated by her horrible truth, her Godless gaze,
All I can do is stare back.

My fear loosens its grip, a strange comfort breaks my fever,
Am I broken for having accepted her truth?
Am I broken if only my mortality comforts my yearning soul?
In her gaze I find a fearful sanctuary,
All I can do is stare back.

I have never known what holds the hearts of priests and romantics,
Or why she shows me my reflection every night,
As she slowly fades into the night once again,
She leaves me stunned with a tragic calmness,
And All I can do is stare back.

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