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written by: Ayushman Jamwal



I am calm and composed in the shadows,
Waiting at the edge of the reaper’s scythe,
My purpose is the swift descent of steel,
They call for me, yelling a name,
But it’s never mine.

A mirage of civilisation envelops them all,
Soft chairs, debates, and hollow humanity,
Only I serve the blind god with conviction,
She knows me by a name,
But it’s never mine.

I am their nightmare, I am their guardian,
Clarity in the desolation of the edge,
Endless whispers & sermons beneath my truth,
Union of fear and adulation bear many names,
But they’re never mine.

No fate of kings, no banal splendour of martyrs,
Only a berserker’s inferno under my scars,
Doomed to perish under a banner I will not know,
They will carve a name on my tomb,
But it’s never mine.

I wield a life of enlightened chaos,
Awake in breath and the black,
The dead remember no glory, they remember no sins,
Hero, monster, saviour, they say,
But these names are never mine.

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