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Every Time He

written by: Poet Queen Jess



Every time He pops up on my screen I think, “he’s home.”
Every time he calls me princess I feel my heartbeat speed up and the race between my heartbeat and pulse start to soar.
Every time the words, Queen Of My Heart are spoken and spilled from his mouth onto my screen, I feel like his royal possession.

Every time he does something to make me feel I know it’s him who I am meant to be with.
I know it’s him every time that captures my heart, possesses my soul and loves me beyond my flaws.

Poet Queen Jess

Poet Queen Jess

I am a writer, The founder and writer of the blog, The Abler. I am the host of my own podcast via, Anchor fm called, The Many Faces Of The Abled. I also do PR for 2 of the 12 platforms I write for on the side. I am also a published poet, and disability activist.
Poet Queen Jess

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