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Tree Huggers

written by: Rakind Kaur



This human world
That deems itself
The superior
has said to me
Countless times
Plants don't talk
Birds don't listen
Animals don't
understand a lot
You can't have a conversation
With an empty lot
Dirt, water, air
Don't have a life
It's nothing but your imagination
Just go ask science
And each time
I replied in rebellion
You keep your belief
I'll keep mine
You live with science
I'll live by nature
And today
The tables have turned
Going green is fashion
Organic the new trend
In new package
It's the oldest theory
All because your ego
Wants its glory
And won't let you admit
That you've lost to
A tree hugging child
It's all right
Don't worry
Us tree huggers will survive.



I wrote this on the changing trends of humanity and this mentality our society has that unless it's trendy, it's worthless. I dislike it so I poked and prodded in hope to provoke us all to do something.

Rakind Kaur

Rakind Kaur

I'm an artistic soul that can't quite live without exploring all expects of art. I'd probably die painting in my garden. I've been that way since I was born. Passionately in love with nature, trying to find ways to express it. Poetry spills out with breath from me and I can't look at even trash without admiring its aesthetic. If you ever spot me anywhere, I promise you'll find me either laughing or lost in beauty that no one's yet spotted.
Rakind Kaur

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