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I Yearn For A Robot

written by: bhargavi



Oh, I wish I had a robot I could command
It would be a compliant friend that fulfilled my every demand

"Could you wake me and ready my bath?
Also, could you lay my breakfast and clear the aftermath?"
The clever chum would run (or perhaps roll) to do my bidding
I would have everything 'just so'—no, I am not kidding

Eating my food, I would confide in my pal:
My joys, annoyances, thoughts, doubts et al.
The buddy would listen and make all the 'right' replies:
Celebrate, curse, appreciate, assuage—from infinite memory supplies

But, introspecting, I know the robot ally I cannot fully ratify
There are times when only a heart—not mere brain—will signify
I realise the robot would only be a machine, a stranger
By letting it displace real relationships, my emotions I cannot endanger.



The software professional in me gets excited by technology: artificial intelligence/robots being the latest. I have genuinely contemplated scenes when a robotic companion roams the home, and it always makes me smile with pleasure. Well, when I brooded a little, the above 'words spilled'.



I love reading. I suppose as a consequence, many a time and often, I feel tempted, nay compelled, to pen my thoughts....

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