Joy Or Gloom? - Connotation for "Blues" by bhargavi at

Joy Or Gloom? – Connotation for “Blues”

Joy Or Gloom? – Connotation for “Blues”

written by: bhargavi



How many blues, how many hues?

The sky’s blues bring on bright & sparkling days
The mountain blue shows majestic mystery, hard to erase
The blue in water is a reminder of cool tranquility & abundance
The blues of flora & fauna show up in delightful incandescence

Then why doesn’t ‘Monday morning blues’ indicate happy optimism & energy?
Why doesn’t ‘feeling blue’ mean euphoric & peaceful synergy?
Beats me… (black & blue)
What connotation must I place on this hue?



Blue is far from my favorite colours; I am partial to the yellow-orange-red band. But, when I saw a photograph of a intense blue lake against the backdrop of keen blue mountains, the thought for this ‘poem’ struck me.

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