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Excerpt From ‘Reflections’

Excerpt From ‘Reflections’

written by: Slice Lucas



now we were once two brothers of the same kind/
and what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine/
now I’m starrin’ at the stars for answers I can’t find/
is there a super power, so I can rewind time?/
‘cuz I just want our time back/
like those old days we used to have/
I’m sick of bein’ sad and burnin’ through my notepads/
wheres your ghost at? I think I’m ’bout to go mad/
calm me down Joe, it all just seems so bad/
yo – for real – I can’t take the pain/
I need to point a finger give me somethin’ I can blame/
is it as simple as the drug injected to a vein/
or were you victim to a sick conspiracy game?/
I love you Buttah it’s been hard ever since/
I want a dap and a hug not fuckin’ reminisce/
I wanna be the uncle – that we both wished/
but it kills me when I see your face in your kids, for real!



This Is An Excerpt From An Unreleased Song I Wrote Titled ‘Reflections’

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