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I Still Love You

written by: Kaylee


i lied today,
i told you i didn’t care,
the thought of telling you the truth,
is a pain i cannot bare

it hurts when i’m around you,
it hurts that you’ve moved on,
i see you in every pacing face,
i hear you in every song

i wanna tell you how feel,
to let you know i love you,
to let you know you’re all i need,
but lying is all i can do

i’m scared you’ll walk away again,
i’m scared you don’t feel the same,
so for now i’ll lie as long as i can
just to hear you say my name



I’m 15 and ever since I was 12 I’ve loved using poetry as an outlet to express my feelings and emotions. Robert Frost is my favorite poet and he’s who made me really get into poetry. I would love nothing more than for others to read my poems and for once feel like their life has meaning and someone understands.

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