Stillness of The Snow, a poem by Aida at

Stillness of The Snow

Stillness of The Snow

written by: Aida


I woke up and saw slurry snow,
then snowflakes swirling in slow
motion, each delicate crystal found
perfectly settled on the ground.

My backyard is overlooking St. Jones
River, the stream is freely flowing
endlessly despite freezing.
I breathed deeply and was amazed.

It’s picture perfect to see geese and
ducks splashing water with their wings
It transforms from the ode of swan lake
from single line, encircled and dance.

The winter wonderland captured the
scenery from the Swan Lake ballet
performance with real characters,
In ghostly gossamer, they dance.

Serenity engulfed me while I enjoy
my coffee americano, taste heavenly.
Warms my throat, every sip gives comforting
feeling from stillness of the snow.

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