Numb, a poem by Simon Drake at
Ralph Nas



written by: Simon Drake


I will never have the answer
I will never know your truth
Why you made your final choice
I am now left here without you

How did you hide them from me
This darkness and your fear
Anxious thoughts, crippled you
Made you want to disappear

Suicide is not an explanation
A self explanatory word
To think that it would give some solace
It’s bitterly absurd

I am left here feeling Angry
Guilt is choking me
How could I not read the signs
What did I not see

I have to face the questions
From eyes that look my way
Those that have no idea at all
What on earth to say

You must of known I loved you
I told you every day
You smiled and said yes I know
Then left me anyway

Only those that have experience
Know what I’m going through
A nightmare, of the most horrific kind
I still can’t believe it’s true

How can I face the world
How am I meant to carry on
Except the fact you took your life
Never finding what went wrong

Will I ever have any peace
Will my broken heart ever heal
Many years have passed me by
Numb, best describes how I still feel

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