Reminiscing the Past, a poem by Aida at
John William Waterhouse (The Soul of the Rose)

Reminiscing the Past

Reminiscing the Past

written by: Aida


Summertime, it was a song, it was a season. I wondered if that season would ever live inside me.


Secret love of the past vanished in thin air,
like a rendition of a song, that’s too bland
It was a summer night and walking hand
in hand and barefoot in the sand.

Secret Love from the Past, a Fairytale
under the starry moonlit night.
A haunting melody, a love song
reminiscing a solemn plight.

I wondered why that sweet symphony
lingers with the summer breeze.
A nostalgic summer night to remember when ocean waves seductively tease.

A soft reflection of a musical phrase
echoes in the heart’s beat.
As the wind whispers in the silence of the past,
I heard a feeble bleat.

A warmth breeze swirling those bittersweet memories that didn’t last.
Will it ever live inside me? In the nostalgic feeling of reminiscing the past.

I will remember that season in my heart,
and will forever remain.
A love song of yesteryears, memories of
the melody which I sang only the refrain.

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