Don't Say Goodbye Summer, a poem by Aida at
Alex Motoc

Don’t Say Goodbye Summer

Don’t Say Goodbye Summer

written by: Aida


The earth slowly changing outfit,
the sunflower dress, blow in gust
and only choice, dark hues sweater
for long cold biting weather, to last.

Rainbow colors in the meadows,
have a blanket, of fading green.
Grasses lost their healthy glowing
skin. Sun still smiles, but not as wide
as a mile.

Autumn wind whistling, sending
chilling wind. Butterflies and bees
in hiding and no more buzzing and
twirling around the flowers,

All bugs workers went out of town,
for a summer break, after working
hard of storing honey jelly and jam
and that was the queen bees’ smart
plan, which is solid as ground.

Wrinkled leaves, wave goodbye,
and sigh; how time flies. The autumn,
splash of cold wind, and summer sun,
hide among the clouds. It’s all-day
gloomy and prematurely graying.

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