Awe of The Divine, a poem by K. S. Lutso at
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Awe of The Divine

Awe of The Divine

written by: K. S. Lutso



In every star’s twinkle and blooming flower,
Resides the essence of Almighty’s power.
A divine symphony, unseen and grand,
God’s masterpiece, we’ll never understand.

In sacred whispers through the gentle breeze,
The presence of the Divine, we cannot seize.
His wisdom flows through rivers deep and wide,
Unfolding secrets on life’s cosmic ride.

Through cosmic canvases of swirling mist,
God’s artistry reveals, an eternal tryst.
In every sunrise and every sunset hue,
His love and grace forever shining through.

With every breath, a sacred rhythm beats,
In sync with the universe’s cosmic feats.
Through galaxies, He weaves a tapestry,
Uniting souls in love’s profound decree.

And in our hearts, the Divine does reside,
A sanctuary where dreams forever abide.
In quietude, His whispers we embrace,
Guiding us on this ethereal chase.

So let us ponder on the mysteries untold,
In awe of His creation, wise and bold.
With gratitude, we seek His guiding light,
Embracing love’s embrace, ever so bright.

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