Wingless Angel, poetry by Sheila Henry at
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Wingless Angel

Wingless Angel

written by: Sheila Henry



They were soft whispers
her prayers
but loud enough
that God could hear.

King James Bible
opened in one hand
a lit candle in the other
and the sound of urgency
affixed to her lips
in a flow of rhythmic cadence
she recited the psalms as
her faith soared to reach its mark—God’s ears.

The pain of labor
never her experience
but her opened heart was
full of maternal love.
She was my ‘wingless angel’
now ethereally winged
assisting the God she loved.

Her faith
she passed on
by showing the way through
gentleness and unvoiced guidance
radiance and wisdom
that example I’ve become.

I sometimes imagine
a familiar whisper
echoed in a warm breeze
and I wonder
is that you, my angel…
do you still pray for me?

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