Inspiration, a poem by Sheila Henry at
Ketut Subiyanto



written by: Sheila Henry



Sometimes when I sit to write, I wait for inspiration
to surface between each word. My mind is attuned
to the silence that fills the space around me. I can hear
the birdsongs as they float through the glass door.
It’s peaceful early a.m. except for the birds
telling me their own stories, and commanding me
to seize the day and be reminded ‘it’s good to be alive.

All the while, I’ve got a desire to write
profound pieces that read of great adventures
and travel to exotic places; visits to historic sites
and seeing the seven wonders of the world; or
of having to fight off dragons to find a secret pearl; or
about the many frogs I’ve had to kiss
and throw back to the pond before finding
a prince amongst the bunch, but instead of a happy
ever after ending, there would be more twist and turns
than I could ever dream of.

The images I await must touch my soul,
where I sit in solitude, I must feel;
wonder, awe, pain, joy, happiness, sadness,
so that you too may feel the same emotions
conveyed in each line, and in each verse,
and even the ending must have meaning.
The aim is to have the heart react.
For this reason, I wait for inspiration.

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