The Graveyard, a poem written by Julian Lee at

The Graveyard

The Graveyard

written by: Julian Lee



The still, quiet, peaceful air,
Sounds of nature surround,
We come to say goodbye,
Come to visit, say hi.

Everywhere we look,
Monuments to lives lived,
Died and forgotten,
Before we were born.

The young and old,
Rich & poor,
Mighty & meek,
They all rest here.

All equal in death,
Lying side by side,
The older the grave,
The less trodden the path.

A place for the living,
To remember those passed,
Friends & families,
Slowly abandoned.

As lives move on,
The dead remain,
One day we’ll join,
But for now we mourn.

Julian Lee

Julian Lee

I like to dabble with the written word occasionally.
Julian Lee

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