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Night’s Embrace

Night’s Embrace

written by: AngelFace44



From deep slumber, I do awake
A whisper lingers in the air.
To the door I go and open
and find it waiting there.

The Night, it beckons
Long have I waited for its call.
To join with it, I do desire
To It I will give my all.

Out into the Night I go.
Each step quicker than the last.
Upon me is the need to run
wild and free and fast.

With wild abandon, I do run.
My skin, the breeze caresses.
Soil cool beneath bare feet.
Wind blowing long red tresses.

Silvery light guides my way.
Brightly shining is the moon.
Nature’s earthy scent entices.
With it I am in tune.

Slowing down, I begin to walk
Into the woods I went
Beloved trees align my path.
Deeper in, I’m being sent.

Upon a clearing I do come
a magical oasis is found.
Night flowers bloom near moss covered stones.
A nearby stream playing a musical sound.

Against a tree, I slowly sink
to the ground I find my rest.
Breathing in this wondrous moment
I welcome Nature at its best.

Flitting about, tiny lights I see
doing a merry little dance.
Closer they come, understanding hits
It is fairies I see, but not by chance.

Chosen I am for this rare treat.
Rewarded for always believing
in the existence of things I cannot see.
Humbled greatly by this gift I’m receiving.

Heart, soul and mind at peace,
the body tires from its mad race.
I lay back against the tree and sleep
dreaming whilst nestled in its embrace.

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