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Head On Your Lap

written by: Amanda Eifert



I worry for you,

My reasons see through,

No such opacity and —

You never look up,

Drinking coffee cup,

Living in your box of quick sand.


You won’t admit truth,

Reality isn’t proof,

What world do you inhabit?

Not ever seeing,

A blank lost being,

Following the white rabbit.


Life’s not Wonderland,

It’s not a game grande.

You need choose to be living,

Not a ghost fading.

A person jaded.

Wake-up, be aware, forgive.


We can’t live this life,

No passion or strife,

Dig-down in your belly, find —

Life’s fire hiding, soar —

Past limits, encore!

Joy, vibrance; be kind.


Love, you’re secluded;

Don’t live deluded.

You’re my everything, my fire.

Darkness you have found,

Devours you around.

Let us be flames who aspire.


Be not sad, life changes,

Alter our exchanges.

Talk, laugh; head placed on my lap,

Tell me your secrets.

All your woes, bleakness.

Let no thoughts keep your soul trapped.

Amanda Eifert

Amanda Eifert

Amanda is a freelance writer and creative writer from Alberta, Canada. She loves the sports scene in her home city, to take courses, learn new things, hang with friends and family, and do yoga. She has also had poetry and short fiction published online in Sicklit Magazine, Silver Bells Press, Her Heart Poetry on Instagram and recently in “An Anthology of Cinderella Retellings: Cinderella Retellings” on Amazon in paperback.
Amanda Eifert

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