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…On Poetry and Fiction Just “One Word” Away (“Wings”)

…On Poetry and Fiction

Just “One Word” Away (“Wings”)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



One word becomes one idea, becomes one sentence, becomes one poem, becomes one story. It must start from just “one word”. Today my one word is “Wings”.



We all have a pair of wings at our disposal. Whether we choose to use those wings to soar towards something wonderful, to fly away from something ugly, or to lift ourselves or someone else up in order to move on – the desire and opportunity will always be there. Welcome those wings, acknowledge those wings, embrace those wings – and spread those wings and fly.



Spread your wings so broad and proud
     Fly high in the sky,
          flap them often
               flap them loud

Allow them to carry you far and wide
     To the depths of glory; to the house of pride
Soar quickly when the burdens are near
     As a bird in flight with ne’er a fear

Dip down to the ground,
     to the ones in need
Lift them up with precision,
     with power and speed

Guide them to a place of peace
     Where you’ve flown so many a time
Where they may rest for a moment or two
     Until strong enough to shine

Hide them well, from the woes of life;
     from the double-edged pain
          that cuts like a knife
May they seek refuge,
     within the shadows of your wings
Led by blissful gliding
     where their heart and soul sings

When the time has come to set them free
     Let them go with calm, and soar with glee
Now be on your way; fly high and proud
     Spread those regal wings
          flap them e’er so loud!



Always remember when there is that need to fly towards, or fly away from, you must call upon your pair of “wings”; they will guide you to where you need to be… We all have them! Use them wisely.

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