Understanding, poetry by Annette Tarpley at Spillwords.com
Zuzana Ruttkay



written by: Annette Tarpley


Pride sometimes occludes the way to communication, to the extent where understanding is nearly extinct.

A poker face is a mask that is at times hard to adopt, thwarted by actions, and expressions, which may warp words easily versed.

Yet, pain may be hidden behind a well-rehearsed facade of riddles, alluding to, but not defining, that which lurks just below the surface.

Understanding is lost in a barrage of messages, compiled through writing, devoid of emotion and inflections of tone.

Words lacking speech, with the loss of an ear to capture, can fall into the depths of silence, which can be deafening in the tracks of the mind.

The mind then imagines in its chronicles, images and interpretations that are misguided…by a lack of understanding.

For, the mind has no eyes to see, no ears to hear, no nose to smell, no fingers to touch to detect the coldness or warmth emitted by another’s lack of presence.

Now alone, trapped within the body of self, apathetic to the world of communication, where an artificial attempt to convey emotion, drowns writhing in desire for…clarity…

Look at me…Listen to me…Feel who I am…For then you WILL, gain understanding!

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