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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

written by: Annette Tarpley


I do believe you remember me
Let me refresh your memory
We have spent quite some time with each other
In fact, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year
I have felt every emotion, watched every tear, rejoiced in your smiles and happiness
Astonishing really!
The relationship we had shared is unparalleled
For within me is stored every thought, every word, every memory
Within me resides what makes you…You
For I am your past
I am your yesterdays

You may hang on to the memories of yesterday
I will now command your journey
I am with you now, I am currently present
I know your stark reality
I am residing within you
So surreal is our close intimate relationship
I am privy to your thoughts and dreams
I am today…I am your here and now
My hold on you is ever present…

Your hopes, dreams and aspirations
Reside within me
I am that glimmer of hope in your eye
In my realm dreams transition into reality
Change is a constant
Yesterday and today…the building blocks
For there is much in store for you
Within me, nothing is impossible
For I am your future…Your tomorrow
Your possibilities in my realm…are endless…

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