Ashes, poetry by Yves K. Morrow at
Bhautik Andhariya



written by: Yves K. Morrow


This is our house burning
and these charred remains
are our everythings.
We could be condensed
into a letter, two pages long,
double spaced, Times New Roman
but I prefer to remember you
as a cemetery.

There are moments
when time acts as a noose
and the air between us
is no longer transparent.
I can see
the outline of your words
and the darker spaces
underneath them.

I saw you slide
into the pockets
of a girl I didn’t know.
Forgive me
for not forgiving you.
Forgive me
because the pain of loving you
isn’t worth the cost of keeping you.

Wherever your shadow falls
a star drowns
and all the wishes therein
shudder to dust.
The shape

of your drooping shoulders,
like two trees collapsing.
I can hear the slouch,
the deep but brittle exhale of a spine
broken under its own weight.

Now I measure my worth
by the distance between us.
Here is the road
with its many forks
quivering like a miracle
in the spaces that were once
littered with us.

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