Never Call A Gall Yours, poem by Gabriel Awuah Mainoo at
Gabriel Jimenez

Never Call A Gal Yours

Never Call A Gal Yours

written by: Gabriel Awuah Mainoo



… Ole man
your rusty jalopy
reminds me of some times
the ‘one man one seat’ ride along
on ‘77 one skirt to a trouser highway’
& how soon the times have compounded with dust.

Today a girl is a ward of three in herself.
1.  She’s her heart
2.  Her body is a colorful wind
3.  Her mind is a playground
& each ward possesses a steward.

Her body ―
a fragment
of broken rainbows
splattering wild into pantaloons
the pretty lad has her pieces.

Her mind
is a swing
of vows
billowing beneath fat promises
it belongs to the merchant of mines.

Her heart
is an altar
built on flowery phases
with undying words
glittering amid its pews
she’s found life with the poet.

… A jerky 207 bus
on ‘77 trust no girl motorway’
reminds me of those times
& how this eve
a brown girl gathered flames into my polo sleeves.

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