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written by: Surakshya Kiju, a.k.a. Coco


I was falling deeper in,
In the pits of darkness.
With only regrets from my sins,
I was such a huge mess.

Then one day, you just walked in,
And brought me a surge of happiness.
You made me forget who I had been,
And freed me from my distress.

Was it your charm that pulled me in?
Or was it your veiled kindness?
I could just feel a bond within.
It was something I couldn’t address.

That’s how the story begins.
And you know about the progress.
What you don’t know is that somewhere therein,
My love for you has transgressed.

‘Cause you’ve been with me through thick & thin,
Showering me with your gentle caress.
You comforted me in my chagrin,
By holding me in your embrace.

Now you’re my everything, my sovereign.
My heart and soul, you possess.
All I wanna do is be your queen.
Should I come to you in a wedding dress?

I’ll sweep you away to a place wherein,
There’ll be only happiness, no stress.
I’ll touch you gently and pull you in.
And we’ll forget the world when we kiss.

Surakshya Kiju

Surakshya Kiju

Surakshya Kiju, a.k.a. Coco, is a 23-years-old girl who is passionate about writing. She is a blogger at Poems From Heart, where she pours her heart out, laying bare her emotions as she portrays the world through her eyes. Her poems—which range from rhymes to sonnets—have been published in literary magazines such as Cambridge Hall Poetry Journal. Each day, she strives for self-improvement, even as she inspires others through her own poetry.
Surakshya Kiju

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