The End - Time Is Now, poem by Moses Y. Sonkarlay Jr at
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The End – Time Is Now

The End – Time Is Now

written by: Moses Y. Sonkarlay Jr


As the dew drips slowly
The dawning of the horizon is well-nigh here
And the signs are promulgating themselves.

Perilous time tosses people like toys
Hope in everything is losing its breath
And fading like an arid leaf.

An eye for an eye
Nations ragging war against Nations
As wickedness healthily lives
Now peace is on life-support.

As our heads are hung in total confusion
Starvation has engulfed our bellies
With no food for the children.

Suffering has become intolerable
Everyone has gotten a taste of what it is
Be it rich or poor.

Famine, drought, and pestilence
Had encroached our territories
Truth is rarely told, as lies are taking control.

For morality is hewed down
And sin has taken the globe
With its destroying hands of corruption and perversion.

And of a sad thing
Ragged nations shake their heads
Against laws of the God the creator
Defying His name and rending his commandments.

And verily, without doubt’s shadows
This is where we are
An arm-stretch away from the end!

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