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Polydactyl Dreams

written by: Mary-Jean Doyle


my polydactyl dreams
have manifested into a tail.

the spine contorts.
i writhe back and forth.

my new coronet
is a mystery to me.
elongated coccyx,
a vestigial rib.

i excrete rings
the way a child loses teeth.
i have found dimes in my waste,
tangible proof there is a god

with six fingers on each hand,
and lungs for wings.

Mary-Jean Elizabeth Doyle

Mary-Jean Elizabeth Doyle

Mary-Jean Doyle is a poet, playwright, artist and thespian living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her works include Frankenstein: The Graphic Novel; the popup book Sick, and several unpublished collections of poetry. She seeks to incorporate the visceral into easily accessible works to speak about mental illness, healing, and the process of starting from scratch.
Mary-Jean Elizabeth Doyle

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