Word Symphony written by Vickie Mryczko at Spillwords.com

Word Symphony

Word Symphony

written by: Vickie Mryczko



I am entangled by every curve
and accentuated by each punctuation
Singing syllables sashay
across a landscape of barren stages
where dreamy dialogues of diverse journeys
begin to catapult and materialize within imagination

Long strokes taken

A cursive rollercoaster of emotions
dancing to ballads played by hearts

The flow and beat
The rhythm and rhyme
stays here now
a flourishing moment
all mine

A scroll of letters unites as one
breaking barriers
and sharing stories
of the worlds melodies
to be sung

Gifted thoughts inscribed by time
giving life
to one letter
one word
one beautiful line

A never-ending symphony lives
by each eye and each ear
A story of song
transcends throughout the years

An eternal depiction of relationships
between flesh, soul and mind
A new treasure of wisdom in words
for each one of us to find…

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