Set Sail, poetry written by Vickie Mryczko at

Set Sail

Set Sail

written by: Vickie Mryczko



My sails have finally opened.
I no longer drift aimlessly, in a sea of turbulence and storms.

I glide now, with the warm waters of pure joy.
No longer is there a need to fight the currents of unsettling, changing tides.

A strong breeze has corrected my path with clarity and confidence.
An understanding of relief envelopes my ship; knowing I am being led by the stars of heaven.

I wear a life jacket of hope;
that has been given to me unconditionally.

The lives which surround me,
above and below the surface; ensure my safe passage of experienced journey and adventure.

Rain may still come, but it will only flood me with blessings and a renewed spirit.

I am destined to reach new lands full of bountiful beauty; as I choose to stay my new, peaceful course…

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