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written by: Rich



Meet me in The Amber room where
Once stood The Great Voltaire
Or in The King’s Chambers
A Four Poster there

Not Notre Dame or by The Seine
The Cite’ Ille or The Bastille

In Capability styled gardens
Within The Palace walls
Near sculptured canals
With features from which water falls

Not under The Arc or upon Montmartre
Nor at Gare du Nord or The Eiffel Tour

At Ornate Gates high and proud
Gold leaf shimmering in the sun
As Louis the fourteenth on his horse
Looks at the majestic work he’s done

Not at The Sorbonne or Gare de Lyon
Nor The Sacred Heart or Canal St Mart’

So meet me wherever you choose
There before the grace of God go I
And whether we shall win or lose
But please meet me at Versailles

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