In Rauen Woods, a poem written by Rich at

In Rauen Woods

In Rauen Woods

written by: Rich



From Fürstenwalde’s Rauen Wald
Where we run to hide
To the Spreewald and Halbe
The Ninth surrounded on all sides

Breakout once breakout twice breakout thrice
To meet up with the twelfth
The last roll of the dice
As they came east towards the beast

Then 40 thousand strong
Miles long
A huge caterpillar west
To meet an American’s best

What of the people vor der Spree (spray)
What of them does history say
At the turm The Tishe
They made a wish

Das Bunker’s full
Now a tourist pull
Near The Steiner alone
The autobahn’s marked by stones

This place of beauty is not to be missed
So climb the new turm it’s close to The Tishe
You can see Berlin if a nice day it has been
Walk talk remember The Ninth of November
An end to it all no division …. NO WALL

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