A Better Place, a poem written by David Olatubosun at Spillwords.com

A Better Place

A Better Place

written by: David Olatubosun



A man never rests
Except for the Sabbath of toil
And peace is no peace
When devoid of violence

Earth – a paradise of gloom
Where light shines darkness
And the sun blazes fire
The night is never tired
Despite the gleam of the luminous eye

No song is sweetly sang
To heal a wounded spirit
Except for solace in the requiem
That ties my humble soul
To the memory of the loved ones

I desire a better place
And indeed a better country
Where no sun shines
Nor the moonlight
To dispel the gloom of the night

I desire a better place
Where neither the season
Nor time and tide count
A place where singers never sing
To mourn or eulogize the dead
For night and all its blues
Are rolled far away
The place where day and night are equal
For the night is day and day is the night
That’s the place I long to be

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