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Pink Angel

Pink Angel

written by: David Olatubosun



And she comes
In her colour of choice [I perceive] Lips, eyes, ears
Pink, pink, pink
Bag, shoes, fingers
Pink, pink, pink
Cloth- touch of pink
She’s black, tall and elegant
With gracious steps
And voice of an angel

Beauty belongs to Africa
I must tell

Hello pink lady . . .

My hand already in embrace –
a kind embrace with hers

You are mostly blessed-
Blessed of gracious God divine

Thank you sir– I’m Korola, a black lady
From the heart of Nigeria

Coro kẹ̀?

No, Korola.

Coro what?


I move one metre away
She follows
Then a step backward again
She follows

Now, I must hide my thoughts
And be a man

She speaks like a parrot
For four or five minutes
With no breath
I fear God!

Then, in my tolerance
Standing still
Like the saint Mary’s statue made of marble
But trying to make no further contact
Suddenly, she grabs me,

You think say I get Coro abi?

No na, just to be a man of integrity
In front of a pretty angel

Oh! Thank you sir.

She hugs me
Pecks me in the cheek
Winks at me
And goes her way

Am I in love or trouble?

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