Painter of Fate, poetry written by Thaddeus Hutyra at
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Painter of Fate

Painter of Fate

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



I am painting the air I breathe in
fresh one as in the Alps
on a wintry Sunday
you and I are there.

I am painting the wind
with its whirls and swirls
so subtle and virtuosic
as the ballet dance.

I am painting your smile
and your bright eyes
expressing your happiness
on this Valentine Day!

I am painting the Universe
and the gravitational waves
giving me the insight
back to the very beginning.

I am painting it all
with my heart, dreams and soul
flying with my wings
across the Universe!

Thaddeus Hutyra

Thaddeus Hutyra

Thaddeus Hutyra (known also as Tadeusz Hutyra) was born in Poland where he attended schools and begun to study at the prestigious Jagiellonian University of Cracow. Shortly before the emergency state announced by the communist regime on 13th of December 1981 he left Poland in search of a better life abroad. Primarily he intended to emigrate to the United States of America, the goal he was never fortunate to fulfill. Instead he found himself in New Zealand where he lived 5 years and afterwards he had a brief period of travelling across some Asian and European countries, he lived for a while in China and Hong Kong before finally settling down in Belgium. He is active on Facebook and in other social media. He published a number of books both in English and Polish.
Thaddeus Hutyra

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