In Rauen Woods, a poem written by Rich at

In Rauen Woods

In Rauen Woods written by: Rich @H3Richard   From Fürstenwalde's Rauen Wald Where we run to hide To the Spreewald and Halbe The Ninth surrounded o...
Bucks II, by Rich, who does the London 'Open mic', at

Bucks II

Bucks II written by: Rich @H3Richard   Be a prince or Princes Risborough The Lower, Upper Icknield Way See, wander, the church at Ellesborough Whi...
Bucks, by Rich, who does the London 'Open mic', at


Bucks written by: Rich @H3Richard   The pride of the shire's with its rolling hills Of Fingest, Skirmett and Cobstone Mill Of The Prime Minister's ...
Frosty Jack, a poem written by Rich at

Frosty Jack

Frosty Jack written by: Rich @H3Richard   Surrounded by blue bottles all around your place they lie You'll know when you're in trouble as you'll be su...
EAST III, a three-part poem written by Rich at


EAST III written by: Rich @H3Richard   A Gay parade at The Brandenburg Gate With Seventy seven reasons to stop the hate 77 countries where their coup...
EAST II, a three-part poem written by Rich at


EAST II written by: Rich @H3Richard   Rise up early towards the end of May It's the main German holiday The Himmlefarht Day When Jesus rose up and s...
EAST I, a three-part poem written by Rich at


EAST I written by: Rich @H3Richard   10 days near Berlin don't know where to begin One day at a time hope you enjoy this rhyme So peaceful so tranqui...
ISLANDS, a short poem written by Rich at


ISLANDS written by: Rich @H3Richard   Whether Davos bay in Crete Or Kavos in Corfu Agios Nickalous bridge Or messonghi beach for you Brace yourself...
MANCHESTER, a poem written by Rich at


MANCHESTER   written by: Rich @H3Richard   Mayday mayday the call sign for distress Why did we not see the signs About who made this bloody m...
All Gone Down written by Rich at

All Gone Down

All Gone Down written by: Rich @H3Richard   Accorns* & The Berries* They're aliases yes Headhunter's, Bushwackers, ICF's Blue is the colour in ...


I do the London 'Open mic' circuit having been writing for three years. I like to confront serious themes and try to explore reasons behind certain happenings.