EAST II, a three-part poem written by Rich at Spillwords.com



written by: Rich



Rise up early towards the end of May
It’s the main German holiday
The Himmlefarht Day
When Jesus rose up and stayed a few more days
Spreading hope and wisdom showing them The Way

Next day Friday what will it bring
Quiet contentment as I listen to birds sing
Be it a Robin a Lark or a Wren
Peace and tranquility it bought by all of them

Saturday to Dresden and the same can not be said
As many years ago this City’s skies were full of dread
The Frauenkirch The Women’s Church
The last building it stood
But would it be the same again they thought it never could
A place of God as only it could be
Rose up from the ashes for all of us to see

A day on the Spree (spray) what more can you say
Punted along with a running commentary
By a red faced man with a large beer belly
Offering us shnapps at his leisure ..
Toying with the idea to add to our pleasure

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