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Simple Quiet

written by: Ron Kempton


Like trees as they tiptoe across the velvet wings of the rising
Lastly each roll of silent crisp galaxy
Turning hushed whispers into a final gaze
Just beyond the edge of distant hoofbeats
Between the words of the windy moon as she carries on her oratory
Forgetting her lace, playing catch me if you can
With every moth, cricket, and firefly waiting on her open arms.
Stitched into seams, whispered rustling,
Sighs longing to touch that brief second
When moments hush the world and each breath falls silent
Owing to the life that’s lived between the twist of the second hand
and the last moment of starlight.
Simple quiet

Ron Kempton

Ron Kempton

My name is Ron, I'm a poet, writer and award winning songwriter. I've been writer since I was eight years old, I play guitar, bass, some piano. It's my life long dream to write professionally, I write short stories and I've also written two books.
Ron Kempton

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