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written by: MZ CLARKE




There was a great earthquake
shaking the universe
What most attributed to global warming
as one more iceberg broke away from its motherland
was actually Hell cooling
Blistering heat melting all life in a carnivorous cauldron
Devil's lightning struck
as Evil escaped hell
drilling wicked wormholes
through black holes of death
through the sweltering inferno walls
Modern history's murderers crawled and crept
as heaven wept
preying on lost souls wandering in desperate Purgatory
for nourishment
practicing a new skill set for killing
strengthening their electromagnetic forces of evil
stabbing through the Great Skin
creating a sinister open pore
between Life's light and Death's afterglow
a grey hole of darkest matter
spinning flesh and bloodiest splatter
creating themselves as Hergatorians
hybrid beings of hell and purgatory
uncurving space-time radiating and grave gravitational killing fields
now walking vengeful across the Bridge
to take humans hostage
raging demon monsters to devour more life
about to make Hell extinct
as a final travel destination for demonic souls
That's where I come in



I awoke from some deep creepy sleep
and wandered into the streets
gripped in a silent scream
All of Lataham's residents were frozen in their tracks
a grey-black energy field trapping them in microscopic fingertips

Hell's devils found a loophole
a wormhole from darkest inferno to Purgatory's fleet
two mouths with Terror's throat connecting
then a black star explosion creating a third
an esophagus of evil vomiting evil back onto the earth's feet
From this twisted abyss sprang the Hergatorians and their black hole particles

forming new monsters of electromagnetic fields
One massive mass per continent and one more for the moon
freezing all humans in their tracks
Taking over as electric ooze to kill all the living
and remain as the only remaining evil undead

As a clone drone, I flew into the Great Electromagnetic Wall
and fell flat on the oiled earth greasy with hell's sweat
I could hear the cries of America and all the other continents held
in its grip
buzzing in such high-pitched sound all eardrums burst in pain

One of the Hergatorians created itself with a face - a hive dripping with the unholiest honey
from each particle's pore
fire and fury created flesh fission - from human flesh to corpse to demonic spirit's hypervision

I enlisted the help of my other clone selves
The Seven Deadly Clones must pledge allegiance to this planet
or become another captive
another sinister spore once more

I spoke to them in familiar electric telepathic waves
I consulted Oah through my Coracle
"How can I send these demons back to hell?"
Oah appeared in my palm weeping

"They have Zeek!  They have Nallia!"

For the first time, I was relatively calm in evil's face
after dying so many times I was at least twice removed from the human race

"I know.  Teri and my nephews are all frozen too.  The world is shut down.  Finally, hell holds all of our souls dead and living... But not for long."

I accessed the mad scientist part of my patchwork brain and wrote a formula on the wall I didn't even understand as myself yet intuitively knew what to do

One intergalactic crack of my newly formed electromagnetic whip
I lassoed the gravitational pull of all galaxies
as I de-particularized in synch with my seven deadly clones
invading every pore of the black holes' magnetic fields
This was the day of the second Big Bang
when all past evil exploded beyond bits and pieces
returning to the vicious vacuum of Purgatory and Hell
I hog-tied a few new recruits for hell while I was at it
A few new evil bodies joined their troop - including my former brother-in-law and a few Kings of evil living
no longer
Creating a new world
slightly less evil than before
that was the best I could hope for
as long as immortality could harness courage and imagination
We could remain free

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini is a published poet, playwright, screenwriter and short story writer.

Marie Scampini aka MZ Clarke writes poetical fiction, poetry, horror and scifi, currently writing the 'Rebelectric Zombie' series as a TV pilot entitled 'Flying Dead', and 'Zizadore' as a screenplay.
Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

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