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written by: MZ CLARKE




I was oddly sad having killed off my seven deadly clones
I started having massive headaches and a beehive of buzzing voices shrieked through my soul
I looked up at the purpled psychotic moon
and saw an explosion and a meteoric exit wound
These bits and pieces landed on the earth
rising up as glowing monsters made from lost souls joining
rays of moon madness giving unnatural birth
These glowing monsters began attacking every human in sight
drinking blood eating hearts and brains
draining all life until its human light was done
I could barely stand and had to think fast

What if I could convert my evil selves to fight for good?

I stumbled to the hospital and asked Teri to take a brain scan
"You had these when you were three and they thought you had a brain tumor"
"I did?!  I don't remember"
"Doctor Morton is part of your patchwork brain now"
She took out a file marked Confidential and showed me his scans
his brain looked dark and decayed
eaten away by the rust of madness
"Doctor Morton was planning on cloning himself and using the clones to experiment on rebuilding the activity of the frontal and temporal lobes -- which control empathy."

The door flung open and a stampede of moon monsters in their glowing flight
raised their tentacle arms ready for a fight
I sat up immediately activating my Coracle and shone it in their faces
"Who are you?!"
"We are Cloons - monsters of moonlight and madness."
"Sorry we're full of madness here, go back to your lunar lunacy or I'll have to use my Coracle and make toasted marshmallow moons of all of you."

The Cloons cackled with an echo that broke the beakers in the lab.  They raised their own swords

"We have Coracles too.  We have harnessed the moon's power and the dust of the Devil."

I summoned my evil selves from their ogred oblivion and spoke to their particled spirits
always hanging in the air as kaleidoscoped ghosts

"My seven deadly sibling clones, come out from your outer ghastly inhuman zones and fight to save
the world that used to be your own."

"on one condition"
"What is that"
"We stay as particled selves when victory is ours."
I glanced at Teri, too horrified to speak

My seven deadly selves - Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony and Wrath
materialized in ten foot tall form

"Use your Coracles"

They each glanced at the palm of their hands as a sword of lightning and sun stabbed and sliced
into the Cloons with all their might

One Cloon motioned to stab Teri and I raised my temper and Coracle in a series of lightning hot bullets that exploded into his radioactive ribs blowing him to bits

Nothing was left behind by these monsters except the preternatural glow of moon
shrapnel in the Cloon's path
when we harnessed Justice's wrath

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini is a published poet, playwright, screenwriter and short story writer.

Marie Scampini aka MZ Clarke writes poetical fiction, poetry, horror and scifi, currently writing the 'Rebelectric Zombie' series as a TV pilot entitled 'Flying Dead', and 'Zizadore' as a screenplay.
Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

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