written by: MZ CLARKE




A day before fourth of July
I wondered what other monsters I might spy
with their broken mirror image and spite
to terrorize my town tonight

Teri had a rare day off and went to the supermarket with my niece and nephew
Once inside gliding through the aisles
Bolts of lightning struck and the store lights went out
Screams from every aisle as shoppers prepared for their picnics and barbeques
Gluttony and Sloth metamorphosed as twenty-foot tall monsters
Sweeping all the groceries from their shelves
their bellies giant metal shopping carts

Teri screamed into the air seeing their faces


The two monsters with their vacant stare swatted at Teri
and stole her groceries and grabbed her two children

“We’re Gluttony and Sloth.  We’re going to feed our hellish hunger and eat all of the food in Lataham without a care that you’ll all starve to death!”

“We’ll eat your children too.  They smell delicious!”

I could hear Teri’s screams and flew to the only supermarket in town
The doors were locked with some evil electrical force
I had to de-particalize and slip through the bottom of the entrance
I re-emerged to the chaos of screaming terrified shoppers having their meats and vegetables
and sweets and sodas grabbed from them by my clones

I opened my Coracle and drew my lightning sword pointing it at them in the produce aisle

“Stop this right now!  Put down Isabella and Josh!”

They both laughed at me as pleading shadows of hungry faces shrieked in pain as if all the hunger of the world was quaking the earth in its grip

“We’re so hungry – you never gave us food.  John stole all our food when we were little, remember?”

Oh no, they were right, my psychopath brother hoarded all the food in the house, hiding it under his bed, in the closet, burying it in the backyard.  I would learn later this was common among abused children

John stole Teri’s food and mine and ate it in front of us as we cried
My mind twisted so I soon refused to eat
hoping to disappear as the only way the pain would die would be if
I died with it

Metallic tears filled my eyes – how heavy the burden as these twenty-foot tall monsters
still held all the torture and torment in their bloated empty bellies ready to burst

I stepped forward, knowing these monsters as yet another part of myself I never dealt with while alive

“Please put Isabella and Josh down and you can have all the food, okay?”

“No, we’re eating all the food in front of you and then the children and your sister!  We will be as apathetic as you were when our stomachs ached until we cried!”

I had no choice but to open my Coracle and fire four lightning bullets into their eyes, blinding them

They screamed in pain dropping my niece and nephew and I flew up just in time to catch them

“Everyone get out.  Evacuate the store”

Half the town ran out the suddenly unlocked doors

Before I could turn and fight
they de-particalized in blinded flight
and vanished in the third of July night

I spent the rest of the day helping to clean up the mess
terrified what might happen next



Are you tucked in by your dreams?
I don’t know about you
I’m tucked in by my nightmares
as my permanent point of view

Fourth of July day and I could hear the sound
of Satan’s storm brewing just below the pie crust of ground
I had to find my cracked mirror demons
before the red hand of murder
swatted this world
into the permanent occupancy of hell
I flew down the streets my drone eyes on high alert recording everything
front lawn flags wagging in bittersweet heat
face of houses smiling as heaven found
backyards paradise lost
I knew I had to save myself from my other selves
in fire and flood I could see the red clouds plotting
clotting as living tumors swelling against the broken soul of my birth

Sunset was bloody with streaks of tears
welled up bricked up for a thousand years
The moon rose as a murderer’s sun
Terror choked me as I felt all must be killed before its reign was won
I begged for my heart to be cut out into stars
woven out between the scars

As the whole town gathered for the first rockets of fireworks to explode
in kaleidoscope brilliance of a child’s first dance
As the crowds cheered I caught a glance
of Envy in green and Wrath in red spinning on a direct path to my certain pain
as an earth to heaven’s ceiling high Tornado and Hurricane

I opened my Coracle and cried into it
“Oah, what do I do?”
His war-weary face appeared in my palm

“Become the Storm of Lost Souls”

In that instant I grew as a million count swarm of warriors
Justice would be my shield
As every tombstone was rocketed out from its roots
and an army of Zeltergeists rose with swords of bone and blade
as I approached these carnivorous clones

Envy and Wrath approached as the entire town turned their rapt attention
from the fireworks exploding to this war of their world

Envy spoke first with a vengeful bloodthirst

“I’m taking the life I envy – the life I never had – all the beating hearts of this town and then the world”

Envy spun her green tornado sweeping up dozens of screaming townspeople in her grisly grip

Wrath rained a bloodbath onto the streets as she wailed

“My rage will leave this planet as dusty dead
First all the living then I’ll play catch with your head”

My own strength grew sevenfold as each finger became a lightning sword and my voice such thunder
The eardrums of mountains shattered three thousand miles away

“Today is my Independence Day, bitches”

I axed their heads off in one swift slice
Envy and Wrath rolled onto the streets as Devil’s dice Snake Eyes as the townspeople fell to the ground they loved as Life renewed its lease
and my star cut bits of heart rejoined the machinery of my bleeding soul finally at peace

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