written by: MZ CLARKE




I faced seven clones of myself
as the seven deadliest of sins
as I stared into their vacant eyes
now bullets and scattered slaughterous thoughts beamed as darkest light
I raised my Coracle and a sword of light appeared
The other six clones flew away into the clouds of clotted bloodshed of the dead
I approached the one remaining

“Who are you and what do you want?”

A golden-striped clone stepped forward holding a gleaming gun
filled with golden death that evil has spun

“I’m Goldkist Golum, Queen of Greed.
The wealth of the world will not be enough
to satisfy my need.
Destruction to fill my pockets is the Divine
I’m off to rob your banks then every money purse and property will be mine.”

I slashed into Goldkist’s throat but hit solid gold
Goldkist laughed at me and fired a dozen gold bullets into my chest
I fell to the ground bleeding electricity – a blue mist

Goldkist flew away into the night and I felt I would soon cease to exist

My trembling hand raised my Coracle now a magnet
and pulled the gold bullets out
My wicked wounds healed and I stood flying into a golden path of destruction
to the local bank
I sent an urgent message into the wind telepathically warning Teri

“I’ve cloned myself as the seven deadly sins and they are loose in Lataham.  Contact the police
and be on high alert.  They have all bent hell to live on earth and might go after you.”

I flew to the bank now flooded with light and witnessed
Goldkist dissolved into gold particles through the doors without setting off the alarms
Inside she was busy using her gold-bladed nails and supersonic hearing to open the safe
I dissolved myself into electrical currents and ran to stop her
Goldkist turned and stabbed me with her nails
but before she could reach me I raised my Coracle
now a new force

“You’re not stealing anything from my town”
“This is my town now and everything in it is mine.  You’re going to die again”
I raised my Coracle now as the only remedy as ultimate cure to kill this beast
as my rage rose to the boiling point of one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight degrees
Goldkist screamed and wailed as she melted into a gorgeously gruesome pool of glistening gold
Now the bank of Lataham had a gold floor made from the most sinister soul of greed – sold



We walked hand in hand as twins
Pride and Lust
dressed naked wrapped in blushing cellophane
glory and a brothel for a brain
this bar will forever to drain
Inside the local tavern
spying the town pride and joy
puffed up small town hero and athlete
swaggering up to the fake mahogany bar

“give us tequila – bring the bottle – save the glasses
for more civilized lasses”

We turned our burning glare
to the vacant stare of Him
Romeo with a hemlock smile

“Join us”

Too quickly the beefcake was between us
a psychopath sandwich
Vengeance had its rewards for all his lies
less breath and sobering sighs

“Drink up”

Overwhelmed by his good luck, he cackled, already drunk on the idea
we might be truly interested in him

We were echoes of a past for which the bells of justice was never rung

“Wow – are you twins?!”

“Wouldn’t you want us both as your twin Juliets?”

“Who wouldn’t?”

He didn’t question our motives

We heckled him with a seductive laugh
After two shots we led him back
to the filthy bathroom

Of course he didn’t hesitate

“Don’t you want what’s between our legs?”
With a smile he thrust himself
into Lust herself
suddenly screaming blood-curdling
as he felt all the pain like broken points of stars
the scars from innocence lost

“oh my god, what are you doing?”

“Don’t you recognize us?”

He studied our faces for some glimpse of remembering
but we never forgot as if all clocks stopped after that night

“Remember when you seduced us before, even when we begged you to stop?
“Then bragging to your friends with words like stabbing swords”

“Who– who are you?”

“We’re the girls you seduced and reduced our reputation to dust”

“Sometimes a reputation is all a girl has.  Nothing sweetly sinful about it, is there?”

All blood flooded the grimy floor

“Now we have real suffering for you – no longer shall your desire ring true”

We were reading Shakespeare that year and all I remember:

Lust like a glutton dies/Love is all truth/Lust full of forged lies

“Die with the suffering you bragged about for years
stealing your life
as stealing our innocence killed
youth itself forever from its life until now to deny
buried in terror on that sweat-soaked night in July”

Now as Optimist Justice, I could see all this telepathically as well
as in the face of my Coracle, for those of you in present day technology
like being able to FaceTime in the palm of your hand
I rushed to the bar and ran into the bathroom one minute too late
Overwhelmed with horror I knew his face and contemplated his Fate

“What did you do?” I screamed to my cracked mirror images

They were busy wiping blood and flesh from their hair and lips

“We defended your honor”
“The honor you never defended that night”

I was awestruck – these creatures were part of my psyche as multiple selves
getting vengeance I never could have imagined
beyond where ordinary evil delves
All our eyes stormed raining red
I heard the police sirens louder than my scream
“Let the blood rain run to the river of truth and tint the ocean forever”
Pride and Lust jumped up and flew through the ceiling

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

Marie Scampini is a published poet, playwright, screenwriter and short story writer.

Marie Scampini aka MZ Clarke writes poetical fiction, poetry, horror and scifi, currently writing the 'Rebelectric Zombie' series as a TV pilot entitled 'Flying Dead', and 'Zizadore' as a screenplay.
Marie Scampini/MZ Clarke

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